We offer expertise in a range of importing services from a comprehensive spot list to tailored, direct sourcing services.  Either way, we take total responsibility for the importation process and address shipment preparation, logistics, customs, quarantine and storage.

We have extensive logistics capability and storage infrastructure in place around the world, in order to supply you with guaranteed quality and price efficiency.  We service Australia and New Zealand with warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.  We also have a warehouse in Nanjing to service China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; a warehouse in Singapore to service South East Asia; and a warehouse in California to service the United States.  As well as container loads regularly landing in Japan, Europe and the Middle East; and we are currently in the process of opening new offices in Europe. This comprehensive global positioning allows us to effectively operate integrated logistics networks, and offer flexible financial services to deliver coffee efficiently and competitively.

We provide a wide array of financial and infrastructure related services that enable us to offer our roasters all the benefits of economies of scale without passing on the responsibility of a big upfront investment.    

With a financing option we may source, import and store your coffee in one of our warehouses.  This is accessible to you on demand, on a ‘pay as you go’ schedule over the term of the finance period.  Basically, this enables our roasters to free up cash flow, achieve guaranteed long term risk free supply, along with the price discounts accessed through bulk orders.  Even better, we can guarantee against hidden costs or caveats. Insurance, freight, import, and delivery are all charged at cost, with only a marginal admin fee.      

How is this possible? We manage risk though knowledge and financial tools, and also understand variables including foreign exchange and the Coffee “C” Market, where we use hedging instruments, futures and options. 

Coffee seasonality may provide both restrictions and opportunities.  To make the most of this, we can provide a green bean buying schedule to ensure you have secured stock and a stable price throughout the year.  We also maintain an inventory to make sure we match supply with your demand and are able to prepare, cup and send you roasted and green samples of any variety on our spot list, upon request, as we carry out all our own scoring through our in-house Q graders.